Maps with Glare


It’s not new, it’s apparently completely normal, but I still love catching these moments of tech intimacy. While everyone else folds and unfolds their standard hotel-issue maps in the Amsterdam sun, this couple huddle together under the shade of the tree to avoid the glare on the iPhone. They join heads and study the map … Continue reading

Phones Taking A Coffee Break


While we talk perhaps they are too? Are these mobile phones all deep in conversation at the university library canteen? I asked one girl: Is your mobile sharing the table with you? Her reply: good question, I’m not sure why it’s here…

Man’s New Best Friend

bounded solidarity

An average wednesday afternoon in the library canteen. Countless instances of bounded solidarity. Who is your new best friend? This guy was smiling and laughing to himself, quietly amused and sipping his coffee. His new best friend speaks data.


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