baking the new black?

baking big in britain
baking big in britain

The english paper Daily Express reports that baking is on the up and up.  I think this is more about nostalgia then it is about the recesssion but the trend is incredibly interesting…. 

THE Women’s Institute reports a huge rise in applications for cake-making courses, while sales of flour and icing sugar are up 35 per cent. Sales of home-baking ingredients such as flour and sugar shot up by 35 per cent during 2009 while kitchenware retailer Lakeland reported recently that demand for its My Kitchen Cook And Bake range has doubled. “People were at the point where they’d been eating too much convenience food and when recession hit there seemed to be a sudden realisation that there’s a lot to be gained from cooking and baking from scratch at home. According to research by baking brand Dr Oetker, 52 per cent of  Britons refuse to spend money on cakes they can easily make at home and 70 per cent of under-25s bake regularly. Social networking sites dedicated to baking and sharing recipes are mushrooming and include the likes of launched by butter brand Lurpak and, the brainchild of Carol Savage who secured investment for her website on BBC2’s Dragon’s Den.

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