Young Love

I was reminded recently of a time my gran asked me to show her how an ATM worked. Even after countless training sessions showing her where to press what, the interface completely eluded her. She often turned to strangers on the street to help her draw money. Looking at this image I took at a music festival in Amsterdam recently it made me think how some generations grow up with electronic interfaces that seem completely natural and intuitive to them – unlike gran’s generation. The turn to haptic technology has made it that much easier for kids to navigate their way around games, photos and their favourite magazines. I remember also experimenting with a iPad version of the National Geographic Kids magazine before we launched any of the other titles in our stable on iPad in South Africa. Kids will gracefully touch and swipe and laugh at most iPhone and iPad content taking to the interface like ducks to water. So the next frontier of natural human interface design will be even more intriguing. In who-knows-how-long-but-probably-soon we’ll be just be swiping in the air to open a file or making the “expand” motion in the space above our heads – making our computing gestures much more human rather than computer-like.

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