How to Read a Story About Burn-out

How To Read Story About Burn-out is a research project about women, work and physical burn-out. This project was commissioned by Het Nieuwe Instituut, the Dutch national institute for architecture, design and digital culture. This research examined the experiences of women during the second-wave Portuguese diaspora to South Africa after World War II. Using my family photo archive as a narrative starting point, How to Read a Story About Burn-out challenged existing patriarchal stories about women in migration and the mythologies attached to finding a new life in “Africa”. READ MORE:

Contributing to feminist scholarship, this research aims to elevate individual experiences of burn-out to more collective questions of women’s work in the family. The central method is a form of narrative unearthing, a way of noticing affective moments in family history by using the female body as a source of information.

[Photograph (above) from my family archive: Maria Julia Serra, my grandmother (centre) on holiday in Portugal in 1961 with family.]

How To Read a Story About Burn-out Natalie Dixon

Live Performance: How to Read a Story about Burn-out, photos by Ari Snow courtesy of the good people of Verso/Versal at Mezrab.How To Read a Story About Burn-out Natalie Dixon