Next Nature book

Next Nature
In December 2010 I met Koert Van Mensvoort and Hendrik-Jan Grievink. They introduced me to next nature, a philosophical concept that deeply influenced my research at the University of Amsterdam. Next nature states that human cultural activity creates a new kind of nature distinct from “old” nature. It is a postmodern concept that challenges our view of nature and what’s natural and explores our co-evolution with technology. Koert and Hendrik-Jan, who form the Next Nature institute (a design and technology collective based in Amsterdam), asked me to work on their book which explores the concept in more detail. The book, an ambitious 400-page project, features some of the leading voices in technology and its philosophy, amongst others Bruce Sterling and Kevin Kelly. Over six months I copy edited the book and wrote a handful of features. It launched on the 5 November 2011 in Amsterdam and is available on Amazon.